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Burrito Bar at Big Sur River Inn
Perhaps you don't have time for a sit down meal at the restaurant or would like something that you can eat while driving down the coast, sitting on the lawn ... or in the river. The Big Sur River Inn Burrito Bar is ideal for these purposes. Located inside the General Store, the deli-style Burrito Bar has a wealth of options for made to order burritos, wraps and other hearty lunch items.

The Burrito Bar is open seven days a week - 11am to 7pm.

Yelp Reviews - 2012
" 5 stars for the Burrito Bar!  The burrito was huge with tons of fresh ingredients. It was so delicious I wanted to eat the entire thing but I figured waddling out wouldn't be so attractive.  If you're driving up the coast and are hungry I really think this is one of the few options for eats so I def. recommend checking it out." - Leah, Akron OH

" The burrito bar is very good.  They have early morning breakfast burritos the ones we had were definitely hand prepared, including the ingredients.  Great potatoes which well perfectly seasoned, sauteed scallions, thick bacon and the egg was fried and made part of the wrap rather than being scrambled with all the other ingredients.  One of the best I've had and I'm from San Diego. " - Ron, Coronado CA

Restaurant at Big Sur River Inn
46800 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920
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